A Rain Walk Review – Sam Lange

The Image shows rain drops in a body of water
The Image shows rain drops in a body of water

Sam Lange is undertaking a paid research internship through University of East London’s School of Arts and Creative Industries. He is conducting a review of walking resources and toolkits for the Walking Publics/Walking Arts project, as well as contributing to the Walking Artists Network blog development. Sam has just completed a foundation year studying Fashion Design at UEL, and continues on the BA(Hons) degree in September.

A Rain Walk, by Andy Field and Beckie Darlington, is an audio walk recommended to me by Clare Qualmann. I didn’t know anything about this work and I waited for a week until it was a rainy day so I could experience this piece. After I played it, I have to say that it was a beautiful and pleasant surprise.

If you live in the UK, you get used to the fact that it rains all the time, but I don’t think we take a moment to enjoy the beauty of it. This is what A Rain Walk is all about, to take a moment and play in the rain, just like when we were kids, enjoying the small things in life. In addition to this, the experience is narrated by kids, which adds the magic and innocence that make this experience so great.

Another good thing about A Rain Walk is that you only need a raincoat, some waterproof shoes, maybe an empty bottle if you want follow every single step of the audio, a body of water near you (a lake, the sea or a river), imagination, and obviously, a rainy day. Also, this is a really easy experience to follow, since the audio is narrated by children, you just have to follow the stories and games that they tell you. With this in mind, this is a walk that needs imagination and creativity to be fully enjoyed, so be free to let your inner child play while you are under the rain.

The image shows rain drops collecting on green leaves

I would say that this walk is also a moment to breathe and relax, I would definitely recommend it if you have been under a lot of stress lately, since it allows you to take time under the relaxing sound of the rain. As well, it sets a really calm atmosphere, focusing your attention on the details of the rain and everything around it, making you find a happy place under the grey sky of a rainy day.

The audio lasts around 30 minutes, but in my experience, it felt like it went by really quick since I was playing and having fun most of the time. The thing that I personally enjoyed the most was how the audio asks you questions that bring you straight to childhood, bringing a feeling of innocence to this experience.

I encourage everyone to enjoy this beautiful walking audio, especially alone or in family. The link to more information about this piece is: https://andytfield.co.uk/a-rain-walk/uk-ire/. And remember to let your inner child play under the rain.