The Walkbook: Recipes for walking & wellbeing

The image shows the front cover of 'The Walkbook: recipes for walking and wellbeing' with text on top of an image of some trees on a red background

You can download a free copy of The Walkbook here:

Our public survey showed that more people walked during COVID-19, and walked more frequently. However, some people walked less, or their walking reduced over the various lockdowns. Many barriers or challenges to walking were identified by respondents.

We have commissioned 30 artists from across the UK to contribute recipes to The Walkbook which address one or more of these research challenges including:

bad weather
bored of walking
lack confidence
in pain
nowhere to walk
bored of walking the same route
cannot walk very far
lack time
can’t be bothered

We hope that The Walkbook provides people – individuals and groups – with inspiration to walk, and to keep on walking.