#WalkCreate Commissions Announcement

We are thrilled to announce our series of commissioned walking artworks as part of the research we are undertaking into walking, wellbeing & community under COVID-19. Each project will use creative walking to connect with participants in a particular location, working with a range of themes and formats that address the project challenges emerging from our research: mitigating isolation and anxiety    maintaining health and wellbeing  … Continue reading #WalkCreate Commissions Announcement

Ramblings with Clare Balding

Professor Dee Heddon takes Clare Balding on a walk on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula and chats about creative walking during the pandemic. First broadcast 16th September 2021 on BBC Radio 4 at 3pm. Available on catch-up shortly after broadcast https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m000zmj6

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Walking in the Media: A Newfound Appreciation – Mati Marek

I started my research placement with the Walking Publics/Walking Arts project in early June. I was tasked with looking at how the UK media talked about walking during the pandemic. Ever since the start of the pandemic, walking became a staple of my everyday life. I try to go for a walk at least once… Continue reading Walking in the Media: A Newfound Appreciation – Mati Marek

A Rain Walk Review – Sam Lange

Sam Lange is undertaking a paid research internship through University of East London’s School of Arts and Creative Industries. He is conducting a review of walking resources and toolkits for the Walking Publics/Walking Arts project, as well as contributing to the Walking Artists Network blog development. Sam has just completed a foundation year studying Fashion… Continue reading A Rain Walk Review – Sam Lange

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Finding the Connection – Harry Wilson

Mine and Poppy's chalk drawings on the pavement

The year before The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic I was in residence at the National Theatre of Scotland as their ‘Digital Thinker’ – a post-doc artistic research residency funded through the AHRC’s Innovation Placements. As part of this residency I was mapping theatre and performance practices that incorporated innovative and emerging digital technologies: performances… Continue reading Finding the Connection – Harry Wilson