Frankwell in View – Andrew Howe

Front cover of the artist book Frankwell in View
Frankwell in View artist book Photo Credit: Andrew Howe
Front cover of the artist book Frankwell in View
Frankwell in View Artist Book Photo Credit: Andrew Howe

Walking regularly in my local area of Frankwell in Shrewsbury during the COVID-19 lockdown, I began a process of mapping and creative activities leading to a series of artist books and a collaborative project with other artists based in or connected with the area.  

For Frankwell in View, I linked up with six artists: Anne Bremridge, Sandra Fisher, Amanda Hillier, Jim Sadler, Jancis Vaughan and Jennifer Wallace. We compiled drawings, prints, collages and photographs celebrating the heritage and green spaces of our community.  

An A to Z of Frankwell, was made with my daughter, Eliza, using local history and walking exploration of buildings and places.  It comprises an alphabet using images from local signs, and a set of ink drawings.  

Found in Frankwell comprises two volumes of photomontages conveying the walking experience of a stream of sensory information and chance encounters with the everyday and the surprising.

Andrew Howe is an interdisciplinary artist working solo and in collaboration with other practitioners and community groups. Using walking and mapping, he explores how people interact with places, informed by over 30 years’ experience in engineering and environmental consulting. He draws attention to human entanglements within a multi-species environment, seeking more-than-human perspectives and hidden narratives. 

His walking practice includes creative interventions, audio trails, painting, collage, photography, printmaking, books, and digital media. He is a member of Walkspace collective and Meadow Arts’ network of creative practitioners, experienced in delivering arts engagement projects with schools, community groups and in public workshops.