Finding the Connection – Harry Wilson

Mine and Poppy's chalk drawings on the pavement

The year before The World Health Organisation declared COVID-19 a global pandemic I was in residence at the National Theatre of Scotland as their ‘Digital Thinker’ – a post-doc artistic research residency funded through the AHRC’s Innovation Placements. As part of this residency I was mapping theatre and performance practices that incorporated innovative and emerging digital technologies: performances… Continue reading Finding the Connection – Harry Wilson

Itching to Walk – Dee Heddon

It is brilliant to arrive at the launch day for our research project Walking Publics/Walking Arts: walking, wellbeing and community during COVID-19.  Of course, launch day isn’t where a project starts. This one perhaps began on the 30 April 2020 when, out of the blue and rather desperately, I emailed two peers, Clare Qualmann and Morag Rose.   That itch was “Walking during COVID-19” and the… Continue reading Itching to Walk – Dee Heddon