Windows by the street – Giada Maestra

A person in her room, in the act of undressing.
The Room - Image Credit Giada Maestra
A person in her room, in the act of undressing.
The Room – Image Credit: Giada Maestra

Windows by the street is a series of illustrations I made in winter 2020, in North London. 

In those months I observed and collected numerous pictures and sketches of people in their houses, always looking at them from the street, through their windows. 

The main point of my research was to find a way to connect the public and the intimate space, the outside to the inside. It was strong in me the need to explore my neighbourhood further and to feel part of the community. 

The lockdown restrictions made me re-think my approach and that’s when I realized the importance of walkings in my practice. 

I used to take almost the same route in different days and times, with any weather, bringing with me just a camera, sketchbook and pencils. 

To me, the most fascinating thing about walking is that, although you follow the same path, you will never experience it the same way. 

Giada Maestra is a London-based illustrator. 

She received her education between Venice, Strasbourg and Paris, where she studied Fashion Design and Multimedia Arts. 

Currently an MA illustration student at Camberwell College of Arts, UAL. 

Giada’s main inspiration comes from the ordinary. She likes to draw people and objects encountered along her way and that often go unnoticed, throughout observational sketches. 

In her latest projects Windows by the Street and ofthoughtsandpeople, she portrays people, spaces and fleeting moments of the North London neighbourhood, during the pandemic. Walkings have been fundamental for both her practice and well-being.