Drawing the hour – Eòghann Mac Colla

The image depicts moonlight shining through reeds and grass
The image depicts moonlight shining through reeds and grass

On the night British Summer Time (BST) begins I attempted to draw the hour that disappears as we go forward to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). A wee bit like the news where you are, comes after the news where we are, as James Robertson beautifully put it – the idea that time is measured from elsewhere and how that plays with our perception of where we are. “The news where you are is never international”. In a practical sense I was intrigued with trying to capture that hour in real time on the ground where I was.  

This was shot on iPhone with a head torch in the rain alone.  

Real time attempt to capture the time that disappears with the start of British Summer Time:

Within his practice Eòghann looks at how we interact with our immediate environment. In 2020, due to Covid-19 lockdown, this became a kind of palimpsest procession, back into the future, in real time. His recent practice has explored this, within the local confines of ‘home’, a semi-rural, part working farm where he lives. Movement and timbre, place and connection are all integral and the process of capture, both intuitive and focused are his practice. Following a cow path or drifting towards a celestial. Walking and re-walking, returning to the same locations at different points in a month or the year.  

Eòghann was an Offender Lecturer in Art. A recipient of the Alasdair Salvesen Travel Scholarship and Neach Ealain Lèirsinn, the Artist in Residence at the Sabhal Mòr Ostaig on the Isle of Skye. He was an elected member in his local authority of East Ayrshire. He continues to draw and perambulate.